Use What I Have Breakfast Quesadillas

My friends recently did a 10-day, no-spend challenge recently for groceries and cooked meals using what they had in their fridge/freezer/pantry/garden. They did a great job and came up with yummy meals.

I didn’t participate since I’ve already been trying to bring my freezer inventory down for a couple of reasons. I don’t like having a lot of stuff in the freezer without having a plan for it and I have a freezer repair coming up and will have to take everything out of the freezer for about an hour or so. Plus, since this safer-at-home phase has started, I keep track of the perishables in my kitchen my making a list and trying to use ingredients up without having it go to waste. So — on this morning, I used up some cold cuts, eggs, cheese, and tortillas and made a breakfast quesadilla topped with some salsa I buy from my hairdresser. It was a yummy breakfast! I just fried the cold cuts and scrambled some eggs and put it aside.

Then I heated up a couple of tortillas and melted some cheese on it and topped it with the eggs and cold cuts. It was delicious with the salsa and some chili pepper water! Living Hilo Style.


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