Scotty’s Chili Pepper Jelly

My friend Scott makes some delicious chili pepper jelly! If you are looking for a easy and yummy appetizer that looks a little bit fancy, this is something people will love. If you are looking for a gift to give others and want something homemade but that you didn’t have to make yourself, this is a great option! Just make sure to contact Scott in advance to make sure he has enough jelly jars to fill your order. I think the jelly jars aren’t that easy to find. In fact, I had a bunch of jars at home that I wanted to use up and could give it to Scott to help fill my order. The 8 oz size is $7 and the 4 oz size is $5. You can choose your flavor profile too — spiciness and even flavor add-ins. The lilikoi flavor chili pepper jelly is a great combination of fruity spiciness! Check out Scott’s Instagram account @scottyofcourse to message him and find out more about how to order. Living Hilo Style.


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