Cold Mornings and Leftover Turkey = Asian Turkey Soup

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I still had some leftover turkey in the fridge and so on this cold morning, I decided I wanted to make some soup. I got inspiration from Pinch of Yum’s turkey pho recipe. I had some time to make breakfast before my morning meeting started on this chilly morning in Hilo. I decided to make a rush turkey soup with what I had.

I soaked some dried shiitake in water then put some chicken broth, water, Moon and Turtle garlic fish sauce and chili pepper water in a pot to heat up. I ran out to the garden and picked a bok choy and some cilantro. I chopped up the bok choy and added it to the heated broth, and added the chopped leftover turkey, sliced rehydrated shiitake, and a packet of rice noodles.

Once the soup was ready — in about 5 minutes, I put it into a bowl and topped it with some cilantro and let it warm me up and prepare me for the day. Super quick and satisfying. Living Hilo Style.

Note: I love my West Elm bowl and just noticed that there is a chip on the edge. Maybe it is time for me to get a replacement! I like these Japanese style ceramic bowls I see on Amazon.


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