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I’ll be Gardening and Closing the Apple Rings in 2019


I’m suffering from what I call Closing the Ring Syndrome.  Some may call it an Apple Watch circle obsession. Whatever it is called, I have it. I have had an Apple watch since October… Continue reading

Chauffeur Duties+Thwarted Gym Workout = Gravy Cheeseburger from K’s Drive In


I had a busy morning at work but I still wanted to get a workout in before the end of the work day.  Things kept popping up at work and I didn’t make… Continue reading

Calamansi and Lemons from Grace Turned into Calamansi-Lemon Muffins!


My green-thumbed friend Grace dropped off some bittermelon, lemons, and calamansi for me today.   What an awesome way to be greeted at my front door upon my arrival home from work!  A heavenly… Continue reading