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Aloha, Food, Shopping, Track, Gardening, Love


It was a great few days here in Hilo. The Merrie Monarch Festival brings many good things to Hilo. Lovers of hula visit Hilo. People are adorned in colorful aloha attire and lei.… Continue reading

Shishito Peppers that Weren’t Shishito Peppers


I love shishito peppers. I found a seedling plant at a garden store in Waimea and tried to grow it in my yard. It already had some baby shishito peppers on it. Unfortunately,… Continue reading

Kalamungay turned into Mung Bean Moringa Stoup


My baby kalamungay (malunggay/moringa) tree is growing and has leaves. I love the challenge of coming up with something to cook with the products of my garden. When I think of kalamungay, I… Continue reading

I’ll be Gardening and Closing the Apple Rings in 2019


I’m suffering from what I call Closing the Ring Syndrome.  Some may call it an Apple Watch circle obsession. Whatever it is called, I have it. I have had an Apple watch since October… Continue reading

Chauffeur Duties+Thwarted Gym Workout = Gravy Cheeseburger from K’s Drive In


I had a busy morning at work but I still wanted to get a workout in before the end of the work day.  Things kept popping up at work and I didn’t make… Continue reading

Calamansi and Lemons from Grace Turned into Calamansi-Lemon Muffins!


My green-thumbed friend Grace dropped off some bittermelon, lemons, and calamansi for me today.   What an awesome way to be greeted at my front door upon my arrival home from work!  A heavenly… Continue reading