Growing Hydroponic Lettuce the Lazy Way

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You know that I love my garden. But I am not a good gardener. I’m not good with fighting pests and weeds and I’m not good with knowing how to best fertilize the area for the best growth. I keep hearing how growing plants hydroponically is so easy and how the plants grow so well. My friend Tina has an aquaponic system that produces amazing harvests. I have seen instructions for many DIY hydroponic kits but I’m not so good with doing these DIY things either. I have been looking at the Lettuce Grow system and really wanted one but it is rather expensive and the shipping is pretty expensive too.

I looked for alternatives since I have a new hobby of decorating salads and want to grow more lettuce but with all this rain and cool weather, my garden lettuce has been growing so slowly. Plus, I hate growing salad greens outside because of our problem with rat lungworm disease on our island. Rather than make a DIY hydroponic system, I found a lazy and pretty solution. I found this smaller hydroponic system on Amazon to have indoors grown lettuce. It is called the AeroGarden Harvest Elite and I am hoping that this will give me lots of salads! Doesn’t it look great? It is supposed to arrive next week Tuesday and I’ll give you the updates on our Instagram Stories! Living Hilo Style.


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