Rainy-Day Cravings in Hilo

by Lisa Atkinson

It’s been rainy here lately; in case you hadn’t noticed. Now, I moved here from the place most people think of when they think of rain: Seattle. I’ve learned, however, that it actually rains significantly more in and around Hilo than in the Pacific Northwest, but Hawaii definitely has better marketing than Seattle.

One thing I have noticed over the past two years is that I actually get cold when it rains here- even though it’s still almost 70 degrees out. Why is that?

And why on those days do I crave ramen, jjigae, saimin, udon, and/or oxtail soup? Am I actually becoming more Island-style? Does it matter that when I make these things, I like to use bison, or elk, or venison instead of beef? Duck eggs instead of chicken? (After all, I am still just a Native girl from Eastern Oregon). Little by little I’m learning to live Hilo style and it makes my heart (and stomach) happy.


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