Hope with Tomato Barrel Gardening

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I have been failing at gardening lately. So many things are thwarting my efforts at being a better gardener. I have been super busy with work. I took a trip to NYC. Pigs are digging up my yard and eating my plants.

I applied for an ag microgrant to get funding to purchase some hydroponic systems to make it easier to be a better gardener and hopefully share my bounty with our community but I won’t hear until August if my application will be funded. In the meantime, I’m looking for other reasonably priced ways to get better harvests from my garden.

One thing I came across recently while searching tomato trellises is something called the Hydrofarm Tomato Barrel. It wasn’t too expensive and seemed like it would make things easier for me with trying to grow tomatoes so I bought one and put it together and planted a couple of tomato seedlings in it. I hope it grows the way the picture on Amazon shows! Living Hilo Style.


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