Don’s Grill for Lunch

My friend and I went through the University of Hawaii at Hilo teacher training program way back in the early 1990s and have been friends ever since. On the scale of teacher newbie versus retired teacher, we are way closer to being retired. We started our teaching career together and would see each other and support each other through the stressful days being newbies. We no longer teach at the same school and don’t see each other like we used to. But we still like to get together once in a while and catch up. We decided to go to Don’s Grill for lunch recently and had a really nice time. The restaurant felt spaced out and safe and the service was efficient as it has always been.

We both ended up ordering the Philly Steak sandwich. I got mine with cole slaw and my friend got fries and we both took home half of the sandwich in a doggie bag. The au jus was a perfect dip for this yummy sandwich. My husband helped finish my leftovers and loved it too. Living Hilo Style.


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