Away to College — Shopping List

My son is headed away to his first year of college. My friends and I have a range of emotions and feelings about our children leaving our homes. Some friends are feeling the emptiness and other friends are excited for the new experiences that await their children. I’m kind of in the middle range. Although I will miss my son’s daily presence in my life, I want my son to leave the house and be independent. I think he will learn a lot about himself very quickly. But I’m still feeling the sense of “this is the last time _____.” You can fill in the blank with so many things.

However one common thread amongst all the parents is that we are all involved and invested in helping our children adjust to college life away from home. The more adjusted the new college students feel, the more successful they will be. Right? My son is going to UH Manoa and is staying in the dorms there. What does he need? Here are a few things I got from Amazon that I thought he might need.

The dorms at UH Manoa have the extra long twin-size beds so I got him a sheet set pictured/linked below.

In addition to the bed-in-a-bag, I got a mattress pad.

He will have to go to the laundry room to do his laundry so I thought a bag would be convenient. I’ve been making him do his own laundry for a few years so I am confident that he will have no problems with laundry.

The dorms that my son is staying in doesn’t have private bathrooms so I thought a shower bag/caddy would help him carry toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and washcloth/towel. I guess that is all boys need.

For all the electronics in the dorm room, a multiplug outlet would be convenient. Since some of the electronics can be charged with a USB port, I made sure to find one with multiple USB charging ports.

I figure my son can get the rest when he moves in. Toiletries, a fan, cleaning supplies, snacks. What else should he be getting? If you have ideas, let me know what college students might need! I accept all the advice you’re willing to share.

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