Gramma’s Kitchen in Honokaa

My daughter had a soccer game in Honokaa that finished right around lunchtime. It was a perfect opportunity for me to check out Gramma’s Kitchen that I had heard about. We found street parking close to the restaurant pretty easily on this Saturday afternoon.

Gramma’s Kitchen is right on the corner of Mamane and Lehua right in Honokaa town. We walked in and got seated right away. There were three menus to peruse–breakfast, lunch, and specials. I think the breakfast menu is served all day.

My daughter and I both decided to order from the specials menu. She got the Crispy Chicken Loco which I think was like a chicken katsu loco. She liked it.

I ordered the Vinha D’alhos Pork Loco Bowl. YUM! I liked the vinegar and garlic flavor in my loco. At first I thought the serving size was going to be perfect for me, but as I dug into the loco, I just couldn’t finish it. I brought home the leftovers to share with my husband who loved it despite it being cold since home was about an hour away from Honokaa. If you visit Honokaa, check out Gramma’s Kitchen. You really do feel like you’re in your gramma’s kitchen. Living Hilo Style in Honokaa.


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