by Lisa Atkinson

I like pork. I like pork so much that my last grill (a Traeger) was named Hale Pua’a. I bought metal stickers and actually attached those words to the grill. Hale Pua’a almost never failed to provide the porcine deliciousness that befitted her name (except on the rare occasion when “someone” left pellets in the hopper, which then formed a brick due to the Seattle moisture). It was sad to have to leave Hale Pua’a on the Mainland when I moved, but I knew she was going to a good home (my brother- Master of Smoke Meat).

When I arrived on-Island, the first thing I bought after a sofa was a grill. Then I set about trying to find a good source for pua’a. I found some great locally raised meat from Double “D” Ranch at Maku’u Farmers Market and at the Waimea Butcher Shop, but neither of them had porcelet. For those unfamiliar with porcelet, it’s also called suckling pig, or cochon du lait if you’re fancy and speak French.

I had a hankering for porcelet, so I turned to my go-to when I “need” spendy or hard to find meatgredients (see what I did there?): I ordered from D’Artagnan. Day of delivery, I stood out by my gate with bated breath. The FedEx guy showed up and looked quizzically at the crazy lady in a pareo waiting for a giant box of meat (because, of course, I didn’t just order porcelet).

I cooked the porcelet in my patented “pork-o-lounger” low and slow, and enjoyed the meaty fruits of my labor.


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