2020 Goals for a 50-year old

Here we go again. The start of a new year means evaluating where I am in my life and thinking about what I want for the coming year. Even as a 50-year old, my goals aren’t all that different from those I’ve set in the past.

I still want to be fit. I’m still using my Apple Watch to keep me accountable. I’m going to use the new Apple Watch trends feature to help me set daily goals for how much to move in a day. I bought a cheap planner from Amazon to record my MOVE calories, EXERCISE minutes, and DISTANCE in miles for each day.

I want to take more pictures and get better at photography. Rather than using the excuse of being too busy to focus on taking pictures, I want to be intentional about taking more photos since I love looking back at photos. Maybe it is because my memory is so bad that having photos helps me keep track of what I did in the past. I’m going to try and find a 365 day photo challenge that I can keep track of in that same cheap planner to keep me reminded and on track.

I still want to keep harvesting things from my backyard. I currently have papaya, snow peas, basil, shiso, shishito peppers, kalamungay, okra, and bittermelon, growing in my backyard. What else should I grow? And if you want kalamungay (moringa), just let me know. This tree grows like a weed.

I want to clean the house. Well, I don’t really want to clean the house. I just want a clean house. But since I can’t snap my fingers and make it happen, I do have to work to clean the house. So, I’ll start slowly and in sections since my goal of spending time with family and friends is more important to me than having a clean house. I plan to slowly go through boxes and closets and piles of things to declutter my life of unnecessary things.

Happy 2020! These goals of mine will bring me joy and help me project positive energy which really is my main goal in life. Happy New Year. Living Hilo Style.


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