Yoon’s Kitchen in Hilo

My husband and I had time for lunch on one rare occasion. I had seen my friends post some food from Yoon’s Kitchen next to Floral Mart in Hilo and I wanted to try it.

I loved it. The pajeon (seafood pancake) and the samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) to be eaten in lettuce wraps were so good. My husband enjoyed his bibimbap. In fact, I enjoyed the food so much that when my friends and I were deciding where to go, I suggested Yoon’s.

When I went this time, we could order a lot of things since there were more of us. We enjoyed all the banchan that went with our pajeon which is bigger than Misty’s head, samgeopsal, crispy fried chicken, kimbap, chigae. Oh, we did enjoy some soju that you can find at Kadota Liquor too.

I wish I had worn my soju earrings that I had purchased from Beads and Things from Kori but I totally forgot. Here is a similar one from Amazon. It was fun and delicious despite the absence of my earrings. Living Hilo Style.


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