Sukiyaki for Dinner

I love soup. I love Japanese-style hot pots and I decided to make a sukiyaki inspired hot pot for dinner. Traditionally, sukiyaki is made at the table but at my house, it is easier to get things ready before dinner so that all I have to do is make sure things are hot and ready to eat when we are ready to eat. First, I stopped at KTA for the awesome ingredients. I’m starting to use these reusable mesh produce bags instead of using the plastic bags to do my part to be better for our earth. I found them on Amazon here.

First, I simmered some dashi in water. If you have a trip to Japan planned, you can get Kayanoya dashi and bring it home. Otherwise, you can also find it from their website without having to buy a plane ticket to Japan. Otherwise, any brand of Japanese dashi you can find will work just fine.

While the dashi is simmering, you can prepare your ingredients. I chopped up some Chinese cabbage and green onions, prepped enoki and shiitake mushrooms, rinsed the shirataki noodles, sliced some carrots, and slice the beef into easy to eat sizes. Because I love fishcake, I sliced some gobo tempura to add to the pot even though I don’t usually see this ingredient with sukiyaki. I had tofu but rather than put it in the pot, I decided to leave it on the side and have chilled tofu with some ginger garlic sauce that I had made the day before.

Once the dashi is warm, I added some sliced onions, carrots, and shiitake so that the yummy flavors would be deeply in the broth by the time we are ready to put in the Chinese cabbage and beef. In a small pot, I heated up shoyu, sugar, and mirin for the sukiyaki flavor and added it to my broth. Check out Just One Cookbook’s site for a recipe. Just before dinner, I added the bowl of veggies and the sliced beef to the pot and simmered it for a few minutes and it was ready for dinner.

It went well with the cold tofu with ginger garlic sauce and some air fried mushrooms and beans. Living Hilo Style.

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  1. Hi Anne, Great recipe and ideas for sukiyaki. Thank you ! Love that you are doing more monetization of your blog through Amazon Affiliate links. Not sure if you are aware, but Amazon has been a bit more stringent in their disclosure requirements. Please let me know if you need more info on this.

    Thanks again !

    Mahalo, Mark Ow



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