15 Hours on Oahu – College, Steak, Global Entry Interview

I took a quick trip to Oahu recently for a Global Entry interview. There was no way I was going to miss this interview so instead of flying up the morning of the interview and risking a delayed or canceled flight and missing the interview, I decided to fly to Oahu the day before. It worked out really nicely since my son was also flying to Oahu that day to head back to Manoa for the spring semester so I took the same flight as him and could take his bags under my luggage allowance.

On this Friday, my son packed up his things and goodbye to the dog and we headed to the airport. As a Hilo resident, I keep forgetting about scheduling things around Oahu Friday afternoon rush hour. We landed on Oahu at around 3:30 p.m. on a Friday afternoon and hit slow-moving traffic to drop my son off at UH Manoa. I’ll have to remember to time future flights to avoid rush hour in the future. But once we got past town, it was smooth sailing to my brother’s house on the east side of Oahu.

My brother and I visited Foodland Farms to pick up some ice cream before heading home for a delicious home cooked dinner of table-grilled flank steak slices wrapped in lettuce and some Hilo Lunch Shop warabi salad. The mini-mini drumsticks were the perfect sweet bite after dinner and the perfect size for my nephew!

I went to sleep early so I could wake up early and catch a ride with my brother to the Honolulu Airport. I wanted to get to the airport early so that I could find the Global Entry Enrollment Center office.

I applied for Global Entry approval in April of 2019 and got my conditional approval in October 2019. I immediately scheduled my interview (which in Hawaii can only be done at the Honolulu Airport) and the first available interview was in January 2020! After waiting all this time, I definitely did not want to miss my interview appointment. The interview itself was pretty quick and took about 15-20 minutes after which I headed to the interisland terminal and caught my flight home to Hilo. Living Hilo Style.


    • Global Entry is one of the systems that allows for expedited processing when entering the U.S. from international destinations. If you travel outside of the U.S. a lot, it is something to consider.


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