Cucumber Harvest Turned into Sunomono

My husband bought a couple of Japanese cucumber seedlings for me. I planted them about three weeks ago and I was able to harvest one today! They grow quickly.

What to do with this inaugural cucumber harvest? Since it is a Japanese cucumber, I decided to make sunomono, a Japanese cucumber salad.

I love Nami’s JustOneCookbook‘s recipes and referred to it to celebrate this cucumber harvest. It was so easy. You can find Nami’s recipe here.

Since I only had one cucumber, I had to cut the recipe down a little but since I am not a measuring kind of cook, I just eyeballed things. I peeled some of the skin off as Nami suggests for eye appeal and for crunch, sliced it and then salted it for a few minutes before rinsing.

I had wakame and imitation crab and added both of those to the rinsed ccucumbers. Then just added the vinegar, sugar, shoyu, dashi dressing to the cucumber mixture and refrigerated it for a little while before dinner. The dashi I used is one that I get from Japan and doesn’t dissolve like the granules of the one I normally get from KTA so you can see the bits of the dashi ingredients on the cucumbers and crab. I might experiment with the locally purchased dashi with my next cucumber harvest to see how it tastes.

Yum! So refreshing on this humid day. Healthy too, I think! Living Hilo Style.



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