Need Toilet Paper? Get Takeout from Cronies!

What the heck? Who would ever think that a roll of toilet paper would be a great item to add as a bonus gift with a takeout order from one of your favorite restaurants? Well, the awesome people at Cronies did! I heard that they had an online ordering system that made it easy to put in and pay for the order.

If you select curbside pickup, you input the description of your car so they know which car to deliver it to. It was simple. After I put in the order, I got a text to my phone letting me know that my order was ready for pickup.

We just drove right up to the front door area and our pal Nate came out with our bag of food! I had heard that the takeout orders come with a roll of toilet paper and it did!

It was a heartfelt touch during these trying times. Our family enjoyed

  • Kalua nachos: kalua pig, tomato, onion, on a bed of Maebo won ton chips, with sweet chili aioli and wasabi aioli
  • Chicken tenders: Lightly breaded and deep-fried chicken breast, served with BBQ sauce
  • Three cheese flatbread pizza
  • Caesar Salad with focaccia toast
  • Swiss and Mushroom burger

It was a great way to support a local restaurant and enjoy a meal that we didn’t have to cook at home. Living Hilo Style.


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