Shelter-In-Place Hiyashi Yamakake Udon

Since I am not going anywhere and am trying to make meals with the ingredients I have at home, these shelter-in-place meals are the posts you’ll be seeing for the forseeable future. Today, I’m making a cold udon dish for lunch. It is so easy!

My husband had brought home udon from Japan that I need to use. I just boiled it and rinsed it in cold water and chilled the udon.

Once chilled, I put a serving of udon in a dish and top it with grated yamaimo (tororo), natto, green onions, takuan, kimchi aburage, and some cut nori. When you are ready to eat it, all I did was pour the tsuyu (udon sauce) over the dish. It is ready to eat and is a perfect light lunch on a shelter-in-place day. Some air-fried gyoza was the perfect side to this dish. Living Hilo Style.


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