Shelter-In-Place Croquette (Korokke)

I think I’m craving comfort foods lately. For me, one food that brings me back to my childhood is a potato and meat croquette. My mom used to make the best korokke and I remember inhaling each potato goodness. I rarely make this since it is a multi-step process and also required frying. Now that I’m spending my whole day at home and have an air fryer, I have time to make it. Check out Nami’s recipe for korokke on Just One Cookbook.

In between checking emails and writing work reports, I peeled and chopped 4 potatoes and put them into a pot of water and brought it to a boil until the potatoes were soft enough to mash.

In a separate pan, I fried some chopped onions until soft and then added some grated carrots (for color) and some finely chopped shiitake mushrooms and finally added about a pound of ground beef. When the mixture was cooked, I put it into a large bowl and mixed with the potatoes. I added an egg to the mixture to help the mixture stick together and then formed it into patties.

Once the patties were formed, I coated it with flour, egg, panko and then sprayed some olive oil on it and then put it in the air fryer for about 7 minutes until the panko browned nicely. That is it. The korokke are way prettier if you fry it in oil but I think it is just a bit healthier if I air fry it. You can serve it with tonkatsu sauce or ketchup.

Living Hilo Style.


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