Only During Corona: Hilo Style Family Night Ideas

By Misty I.

April 29, 2020

I have another list for you this week. Due to Corona, I’ve slowly begun organizing “nights” at my house to help combat boredom and all of the video game playing! I use these “nights” as a way for us to spend time together instead of everyone staring at an electronic device. Over the last two weeks, my family has played games they’ve never played before (Clue!) and all of the laughing (and confusion!) has been priceless. We also finished a game of Monopoly which none of us had ever done before. My list is currently limited to what I have at home as I’m trying to use what we have instead of going crazy on Amazon.

I’ve included a few food themed nights too. “Takeout Night” has become very special to us as we’ve only ordered three times in the last 7 weeks. “Pantry Night” is usually a simple and economical meal based around canned goods (corned beef and onion, tuna omelet etc.) that perhaps my sons will be able to replicate in their college dorm room someday.

Only during corona!


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