Cucumber, Mint, and Tangerine Cocktail

I got a couple of Hamakua Farms cucumbers and an O.K. Farms tangerine in my farm box from Hawaii Eco. Rather than just eat the cucumbers in a salad and eat the tangerine like candy, I decided to make another cocktail! I was inspired by the Oahu Fresh Cucumber Mint Gimlet recipe and modified it by using tangerine instead of lime. I muddled about two inches of cucumber, mint from my garden, and some sugar in a cocktail shaker.

Next, I just filled the shaker with ice and juiced the tangerine into the shaker and added a shot of Hendrick’s gin. You can use other brands, but Hendrick’s goes so well with the cucumber flavor. Next, just cover and shake for about 20 seconds and strain the mixture into a glass and enjoy. This cocktail is a fresh and slightly sweet with the tangerine flavor and a perfect light drink for a hot afternoon! Living Hilo Style.


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