Enjoying the Holidays 2020 Style

When 2020 started, I was excited. It was the year of perfect vision and a fresh start. You all know how that went. Despite of or maybe because of how 2020 has transpired, I started playing a variety of holiday playlists a little earlier. I put up my holiday decorations without delay. My children are both hoping to be away beginning in fall and this was a great opportunity for my family to spend time together and for my children to spend time with their grandma who is 98 years old. Also, since I’m working from home, it is nice to have the tree up and decorated — even if it is an artificial tree. It is nice to turn around from my computer and see the lights and decorations. I love my wreath made for me by my dear friend Noreen displayed on my front door.

I wonder if this will be the last season with my children in my home. I hope and expect to be able to spend holidays with my family in the future but it may be for only a shortened period rather than for the entire season from Thanksgiving through the new year. Or it might not even be in our home in Hilo. I wonder if we might have the opportunity to visit a place where our children might be living and enjoy a different kind of Christmas. Who knows what the future will bring. I am just savoring this moment in time where I get the chance to spend time with my loved ones. Living Hilo Style.


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