Vaccination Celebration Dinner — Yoon’s

A bunch of my friends are finally all fully immunized and we decided to go out to dinner. At a restaurant. We decided to go to the restaurant that we went to before we went into lockdown. YOON’S KITCHEN! Every table was filled but it didn’t feel crowded.

We were so excited to eat at a restaurant and see each other that I forgot to take pictures of all the food. We enjoyed samgyeopsal (pork belly with vegetables that you wrap in lettuce with yummy fillings), mandu, crispy fried chicken, and haemul-pajeon (seafood and green onion pancake). Plus, all the unlimited side dishes that came with the food was so good! I do have some pictures — mandu, fried chicken, us with the owners, and our table with no food left on it.

I guess I have to make another trip there to take more food pictures! Living Hilo Style!


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