Jackie Rey’s Happy Hour

If you’re looking for a happy hour spot in a beautiful space, look no further than Jackie Rey’s in Hilo. I recommend making reservations so you can be sure of getting a seat. It helps if you have a booth with a large table so that you can order a bunch of dishes. We enjoyed edamame with sweet chili sauce and furikake, crispy pork ribs, ahi tartare on wonton chips, Club Med salad, and kalua pork spring rolls.

It was the perfect spot to enjoy some lovely friend time with yummy food and drinks at happy hour prices! Living Hilo Style.



  1. Hi Anne!

    I am a Korean- American woman who loves to eat good food and travel. I happened upon your blog by searching for good food in Hilo. I will be in Big Island Dec 1-7 and I will be spending about 3 days in Hilo. I would love some suggestions on where to eat good sushi (how do I get a reservation at Takenoko?), where to buy Korean and Japanese cookware, and just good food in general. I would love to chat if you have some time. I read your blog about your SF trip this summer. I used to live in the Mission. You went to Blondies!


    • Yes!!! Blondie’s and their margaritas were a definite great stop during my recent trip to SF.
      Exciting to hear that you have an upcoming trip to the Big Island!
      It is pretty close to impossible to get a seat at Takenoko unless you have a reservation that is made six months in advance.
      But you do have some other options — if you’re looking for sushi and if you’re on Instagram, try checking out and messaging @foodxjitsu or @kusano_sushi. for some takeout. It is hard to get in on their sushi too but the chances are slightly better than Takenoko.
      If we are talking about Hilo, I’d recommend visiting Moon and Turtle for amazing food and cocktails, Hawaiian Style Cafe to get some local-style food, Hilo Bay Cafe for the view, Cafe Pesto for the smoked salmon pizette, Miyo’s for some comfort Japanese food, Yoon’s for yummy Korean food. (Tip: Yoon’s is BYOB so feel free to bring your favorite drink with you if you want.) Also, either Kawamoto’s or Hilo Lunch Shop for okazuya food for a picnic. Poke Market and the Farmer’s Market are both great stops too! I’m not sure that we have a good source for Korean and Japanese cookware. You might try Kilauea Market to see what they have. I don’t go there regularly so don’t know for sure what kind of inventory they have. You can DM me on Instagram if you are connected there too @LivingHiloStyle.


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