Hilo Brewing Company — The Friendliest Place!

Misty and I were invited to visit Hilo Brewing Company recently. The day we went, the Crusty Buns food truck was there with an assortment of options. I found parking along Kawili Street outside the brewery and walked in to find the food truck and picnic tables for people to sit and enjoy tastings. I reserved my picnic table and went into the warehouse/brewery/bar to order my tray of beer. This was my first time there so I listened to the explanation given to the couple in front of me so Brigitte the bartender wouldn’t have to give her spiel twice. I ended up getting the 8-sampler tray which is exactly what Kalani ordered. Kalani and his wife were decked out in festive green for St. Patrick’s Day and were so friendly.

While I was waiting for my order, Jim Barker, a Vietnam Vet who was there with his visiting twin brother and an opera-singing friend chatted with me and shared how much he loves Hilo Brewing Company. I got my beer and then proceeded to get some tacos from the Crusty Buns truck. Since Misty and I both had dinner that evening, we shared the tacos. I thought I was ordering one each of the 3 varieties of tacos, but what I got was 3 tacos all with a mixture of carnitas, tri tip, and sweet potato. I enjoyed the tacos but would be interested in seeing how each one tastes separately.

Before Hilo Brewing Company closed for the day at 6 p.m., I went in to get a glass of the Imperial IPA that is not available as part of the sampler and I happened to see Dr. Hillier, my Hilo High School English teacher and cross-country coach. It was so nice to chat with him. I found out that he is a certified beer judge through the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)! So–if Bob Hillier is there, the beer must be great! If you like beer, find time to visit Hilo Brewing Company. It is a casual place to quench your thirst and get some bites to eat. I want to visit on a day the pizza truck is there the next time I go! Mahalo Hilo Brewing Company for inviting me to stop by! Living Hilo Style.


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