Fete, Tower of Power, and Vons in Honolulu

Overnighted to Oahu to see Tower of Power at the Blue Note in Waikiki.

Coincidentally, my buddy Ryan flew up on the same flight as me on Hawaiian Airlines. Flight was comfy and we got in at a reasonable time so we got a late lunch at Fete in Chinatown. Enjoyed a beet salad, onion rings, carbonara, ginger scallion fried rice.

Checked in to Waikiki Prince. Got ready and headed to Blue Note early to get seats for the 8 pm performance since seats are first come, first served. We got there around 6:30 and got a great table and relaxed. I have to admit that I don’t know the songs but I enjoyed the music nonetheless. Great brass sounds and fun dancing music. Saw Claudia and we even got to take a picture with guitarist Jerry Cortez after the show.

Next morning, wanted to go for a morning walk but I had forgotten to pack socks so I just stopped at ABC Store for essentials and got breakfast for my husband from McDonalds. After lounging around, we tried getting seats at Katsumidori for sushi but wasn’t able to so we headed to the pool to get a burger and a salad. Got a DoorDash delivery of fried chicken from Vons to fulfill my son’s request and then headed to the airport to catch our Hawaiian Airlines flight home to Hilo. Living Hilo Style in Honolulu.


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