What is a Road Trip You Would Love to Take?

I had such a nice time with my family as we drove north on the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to San Francisco. This vacation gave our family the opportunity to spend time together as we drove from one town to the next. This is a different experience from staying in one location for several nights. In that situation, sometimes one person or another will decide to stay in the hotel room and unwind or relax while the rest of the family goes exploring or shopping. When we are on a road trip moving from one place to another, everyone is forced to be together all day long since there is no “home base” to depend on. The car is the home base. This gave our family an opportunity to talk and bond over the miles and miles on the road. Yes, there was some occasional sleeping by passengers but I have to recommend this form of travel if you’re wanting some family time. We had had long drives with the children when they were younger and we explored national parks.

When traveling with young children, you have to make sure to build in bathroom breaks and playtime to break up the monotony of the long drive. My daughter used to suffer from car sickness when she was younger and I recall collecting (and having to use) the airsickness bags from our flights for her. We didn’t have to worry about these types of issues now that my children are no longer young children. It was a very different experience traveling with our adult children. I could also ask them to help research places they wanted to see or things they wanted to eat. I could ask them to help plot our route and help us navigate our way. During our meals, we could order food with the intent of sharing everything family-style so we could try all the items that looked so good on the menus. (We could have done that in the past but I may not have wanted to eat the food the kids ordered.) Even better, if my husband or I decided to have drinks at dinner, we had a sober driver who could get us back to the hotel. There was no bickering. There was a lot of reminiscing of previous trips. One memory that came up during this PCH trip was from a previous PCH road trip. My daughter remembered bickering with my son and being promised donuts at the next stop as an incentive to stop bickering. The incentive worked because they remember earning the donuts! I’m not sure if we will be able to take another family trip with just the four of us. My children now have college and work schedules they have to schedule vacations around and who knows if our schedules will align as they did last month. There may be significant others in their lives that would change the dynamic of our travels. But if we can, I’d love to take another road trip with just my immediate family. What road trips would you recommend? Living Hilo Style on the road.



  1. Aloha Anne! Thank you. Enjoy your posts. I was fortunate to travel around most of Japan in the 1980’s on business development projects while my LifePartner Noriko, managed our business operations and 4 child family at our Japan base in northern rural Japan which was also her hometown of Mutsu, Aomori. We moved to Hilo 20 years ago and our adult children ended up joining us with their families. We are now planning a road trip to Japan June 20th to July 21st to find a possible new Japan base to complement our Hilo base. We enjoy spending time in both cultures. Noriko wants to travel Japan so we are taking slow trains around Japan with the goal of finding a new Japan base. Mutsu is beautiful but COLD and lacks economic development opportunities. We think the new base may be Beppu, Kyushu. A rural resort university town like Hilo. Beppu is known for its 2500 natural hot springs, and being home to the #1 international university in Japan (established 2000). 4 million visitors enjoy the hot springs annually in this city of 120,000 residents. It appears to be a well managed city with many parks, including some on Beppu Bay and nature hikes nearby in the surrounding active volcano mountains. If we choose to set up a new Japan base in Beppu it will be in consultation with our adult children/families as they also are likely to plan to spend time there as well. A little different type of family road trip. Excited! 🙂


    • Aloha Griff! Thanks for the tips. My mother grew up in Saga-ken and so I have been lucky to visit Beppu. You have some awesome adventures coming up in your life! I am heading back to Japan in later July. Keep me posted on how your trip goes!


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