2022 Korea Day 3 Seoul On Our Own

I thought I’d be waking up a little later by now but I still woke up at 4:30 am. I looked up places to get breakfast in Hongdae and found an Egg Drop (Korean egg sandwich) location just a 5 min walk away from our hotel. I had a yummy ham and cheese and my husband loved his garlic with bacon and cheese.

After breakfast, I shopped at the 7-story Daiso just a couple of blocks away from our hotel and bought some knickknacks. I explored the Lotte HiMart across our hotel to see cool electronics like fancy Korean rice cookers and a fabulous kimchi refrigerator. After dropping off our Daiso packages, we walked to AK& mall and had pasta for lunch. The food in Korea is so affordable and so yummy.

After lunch, we headed to Itaewon on the subway to look around and compare it to the first time we visited in 2001. We walked on the alley above the main drag and found so many bars there. This would be a fun spot for a nighttime outing for a future trip. From Itaewon, we walked to the Blue Square Theater, the largest performing art hall in Korea because a few days ago, we saw a poster for the musical Aida. My husband and I saw the show when it was playing on Broadway years ago and loved it.

We decided to see the show being performed in Korean. Haha, it’s a good thing we knew the storyline because we don’t understand Korean. But it was still a WOW experience. The music. The dancing. The costumes. The stage and theatrics. Awesome. The person performing as Aida has some major pipes. We caught the subway back to Hongdae and met our son for KBBQ at 11 p.m. Walked almost 10 miles today. Living Hilo Style in Seoul.


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