2022 Paul’s Place for Melinda’s Birthday

We celebrated Melinda’s birthday with breakfast at Paul’s Place. Sharon ordered waffles and Melinda and I enjoyed our Breakfast Caprese and we all had bacon with our orders! Gotta have bacon if we are celebrating!

These pals are so generous and thoughtful. Even though it was Melinda’s birthday, we all got goodies. Sharon shared a beautiful philodendron and Melinda shared yummy shrimp chips that I know my son will devour. I shared mint plants I propagated from my mint at home. We chatted about kids, travel, and life as parents of college-age kids. Hopefully, as empty nesters, we will have more time to enjoy these breakfast dates. If you want reservations at Paul’s, and you have Instagram, just send a direct message to the Paul’s Place account and they will respond. Otherwise, you can text or call (808) 937-7471. Paul is so welcoming and you’ll love the food. Living Hilo Style.


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