Life in the Days After the College Drop Off

I suspect that I won’t have much time to miss the children. At least this is how the first few days went. We did come home to a really quiet house upon our return from dropping the kids off at college. Since our dog was boarding at the Pet Hospital, we weren’t even greeted by Rickie this Saturday afternoon, We get to pick him up on Monday morning so we have a couple of nights without Rickie. One of the first things that feel weird to me is finally not having to worry about sharing my car and wondering if someone else needs to use it. I have full access to my car.

The afternoon we got home, I unpacked and then didn’t have time to enjoy the quiet and solitude. We brought some things home from Oahu for a friend and so went to deliver them and ended up staying there all evening! No time to miss the kids.

The next morning, I woke up and did my usual Sunday routine. I took care of my weekly hydroponic towers–filled with water, added fertilizer, checked the pH. After that, I made mayak gyeran (Korean marinated eggs) with the Korean peppers I brought home from HMart, cooked beef stew to share with a friend who always shares papayas and grapefruits with me, and started making a cucumber/ogo namasu dish (takes two days to make) in preparation for a potluck meeting I have the following evening. I think I washed around 6 or 7 loads of laundry–towels, and blankets left behind by the kids. I prepped oranges and grapefruits for my healthy snacks this week, I harvested lettuce and prepped dinner. I prepped my first attempt at slow cooker oatmeal. I caught up on emails and got ready for the start of the semester at work. My husband and I had a quiet dinner with the beef stew I made earlier in the day. After dinner, I began prepping a gifted ‘ulu to make ‘ulu poke. Absolutely no time to miss the kids. I’m exhausted and ready to get to bed to be well-rested for a full workday. Living Hilo Style.


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