Benny Uyetake at WSW

My husband texted me one afternoon and asked if I wanted to eat at WSW that evening. I hadn’t been there in a long time so I took him up on the offer. It turns out that my husband’s friend, Hilo High graduate Benny Uyetake was performing. We got our friend Naomi to join us and met up with a bunch of other Viking alumni to support and enjoy amazing live music.

In addition to the awesome music, we enjoyed food and drinks. The oysters were great. We also ordered the escargot, Caesar salad, NY steak with garlic mashed potatoes, and poke and shared everything pupu-style. This impromptu evening was so much fun! Living Hilo Style.


One comment

  1. Superb to know that WSW has music. Benny was my student when he was at Hilo High. I was also co-advisor for the Senior Variety Show and Benny not only has his own spot, but also backed most of the other musicians in the show. Possibly, he has retired now, but for decades he was a teacher at Kalama Intermediate School at the edge of Makawa’o: initially an English teacher (if I remember correctly) then 100% music. I got to see him on two of my visits to the school as part of my work when I was a mid-level state administrator in charge of a federal test called the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

    On Saturday, my wife and I are probably taking Ledward Kaapana and his wife to breakfast at WSW, since they are staying at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel.

    It’s a pleasure to read your column. In addition to being a teacher, you’re a writer.


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