What Brings Me Joy in Life? Plus Seaside Restaurant

#bloganuary As I was about to blog about my dinner at Seaside with my family, I saw this #bloganuary prompt asking me about what brings joy to my life. It was a very appropriate prompt as I can most confidently say that spending time as a family brings me joy. Family time is harder to come by now that the kids are away at college. Even when they come home for visits, they are often busy with catching up with their friends too. Since the kids are leaving Hilo and returning to campus soon, we asked them where they wanted to have a family dinner. They requested Seaside! So–a nice dinner at Seaside with the family was a special treat. I ordered the same thing I always get–Chinese-style steamed fish. I love it and don’t get tired of it.

Other things that bring me joy?

  • Harvesting things from my garden.
  • Finishing a crossword puzzle.
  • Reading a book.
  • Traveling.
  • Seeing a butterfly emerge from a chrysalis on my crown flower plant.
  • Getting a good night’s rest.
  • Taking my dog for a walk.
  • Enjoying a cup of tea.

I’m easily pleased. I don’t need “things.” I like being able to appreciate life and moments. What brings you joy? Whatever it is, I hope you get to experience it today!!! Living Hilo Style.


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