Early Memories? I Can’t Remember

I may have killed many brain cells throughout my life. That is why I love taking photos or videos to help me remember moments since I can’t remember them on my own. Some things I remember:

  • My dad’s dog Yobo in Louisiana.
  • I don’t know if this is a real memory but I have a vague sense of being at a picnic in Louisiana and running (maybe my mom carried me) with everyone because an alligator came out of the water.
  • Eating yummy fried bananas from a neighbor in Pepeekeo Mill Camp.
  • The mountain apple tree and poinsettia outside my Mill Camp house.
  • My kindergarten teacher dragging my sleeping bag away from a neighbor during nap time for talking too much.
  • Our blue Chevy Nova and green Datsun pickup truck
  • My dad heating up a can of Vienna sausage or something by putting the can in the engine area while driving us to the beach.
  • Taking hula lessons at Dot’s Hula Studio on Saturdays while my mom shopped at KTA.

My mom and dad took a lot of photos (not as many as we take these days) and put them into albums. I love looking at them. Hopefully, my children — through the photos and videos we kept will have many fond memories of their childhood. What are some of your earliest memories? Hope they bring you a sense of comfort. Living Hilo Style.


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