K & J Tire Center and White Guava Cafe

Since my children are still at home and using my car, I had to use my husband’s car to go to work. I often see a variety of alerts on his car’s dashboard — gas needed or maintenance needed. On this particular morning, as I drove to work, I saw the tire pressure light on. These things stress me out. I called K & J Tire Center during a break to see if they would let me come in and get my tires checked. It was no problem and I headed there after my work meeting. It was a quick assessment where they used some digital tool to determine whether the tires were under pressure or not. Sure enough, three tires were low on pressure. Additionally, he said that the battery for the tire sensor was getting low too. I decided to replace the batteries on all four tires and have the tires rotated. Since it would take about an hour, my husband picked me up and we went to have lunch at White Guava Cafe. We were seated and before we even ordered, we got a notification that the car was done! White Guava was busy but I’m glad we went there. The restaurant gives a snack of lilikoi cream cheese and crackers while you wait and it was yummy.

I ordered a small salad with blue cheese dressing and fried adobo chicken. It was a huge serving! When I was done, it didn’t even look like I ate anything. I liked the deep-fried broccoli with Korean sauce on it. I packed up my leftover salad, chicken, and broccoli and we headed to K & J to pick up the car. Stefan and his team at K & J are so awesome and I highly recommend them if you have any tire issues. I finally made it home and shared my leftovers with my daughter and her friend who snacked on it and we still had some left for dinner! Wow. Living Hilo Style.


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