How Am I Brave?

What does BRAVE mean? According to the Oxford Dictionary, it can be an adjective that means ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage. If I was asked to come up with words to describe me, brave would not be one of them. But I was asked to reflect on how I am brave as part of a #bloganuary project. I like safety and security. But there are times when I’ll push myself out of my comfort zone.

I don’t especially like heights–but when traveling or out and about, I’ll get myself to move toward a (safe) spot to get breathtaking views of the place I’m in.
Speaking of traveling, I’m not afraid of going to new places and exploring and experiencing new things. Is this bravery?
I am not afraid of being alone. In fact, I enjoy quiet and solitude. Does this make me brave? I don’t think so but some people might think so.
Taking classes or starting new projects requires courage. What if I can’t master what I’m trying? What if I fail? I love learning new things but it is an investment. Maybe of money, definitely of time. It does take courage for me to take the first step.
Starting this blog was something that I needed courage for. I am putting myself “out there” for others to see and judge. It is sometimes scary but it has been fun. It brings me together with people I would not otherwise connect with more easily. It helps me to notice what is great about Hilo and other places in the world I visit. It allows me to share what I love with anyone who will follow me.
In the past, it took bravery and courage to say yes. Yes, I’ll be a teacher. Yes, I’ll get married. Yes, I’ll be a mother.
It also takes bravery and courage to say no. Saying no often puts you at risk of being negatively viewed by others whether at work or at home. I am getting better at saying no when it is a healthy choice for me.

I am lucky that I come from a place that allows me to be brave in various ways in my life. I realize the privilege I have and am grateful and appreciate it. Mahalo to all of you who are along with me for the ride. Living Hilo Style.


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