House Special Cake Noodles—Cheng’s vs Leung’s

My friends and I love cake noodles. How can you say no to noodles covered in gravy? We decided to compare the cake noodle dishes from two of our favorite places—Cheng’s and Leung’s. We called in our order and asked for the House Special Cake Noodles from each place with no other instructions.

The dish from Cheng’s came in a clamshell container with the toppings on the noodles. The thickness of the cake noodles was thick and dense and soaked up the gravy. The veggie and seafood toppings were cooked perfectly. Yum!

Leung’s packed their noodles in a paper bag so the noodles wouldn’t get soft and the topping in a classic Chinese container. The cake was slightly thinner than the one from Cheng’s and not as dense so there was more crispness to the noodle. The topping was yummy but softer/cooked longer than the one from Cheng’s.

Both places had a good ratio of topping to noodles. Of these two, I think whichever place you’re closer to is the best place for you to get your cake noodles. They were both yummy! Even though I just ate it last night, I want to eat it again! We have plans to compare cake noodles from other restaurants in Hilo soon. Where is your favorite cake noodles in Hilo from? Living Hilo Style.


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