Miyo’s with Tina

Getting together with Tina is always so nice. We have been friends for over 20 years. We were reminiscing about traveling together to San Francisco in 1999. Vallejo for Six Flags and Fisherman’s Wharf to eat some crab! We had a great time. The day we got together happened to be National Margarita Day so I felt the desire to celebrate with a margarita!

Tina and I got seats at the beautiful bar at Miyo’s. I ordered a jalapeno margarita but the bartender let me know that there were no jalapenos to be had that evening. She suggested a similar cocktail using a chili pepper vodka made in Hawaii. The Hapa vodka was yummy. I asked my friend Ryan Kadota if they have it at Kadota Liquor and he said they do! I think I’d like to have that in my home bar.

In addition to a drink, Tina and I enjoyed a few plates to share: Crispy rice with spicy poke–a fun choice since I normally wouldn’t go through the trouble of making crispy rice at home. Sauteed eggplant–my favorite. Tsukemono Trio–No cucumbers so only had daikon and carrots for us. Shiso Bites–Tempura battered shiso-wrapped ahi. You have to eat the bites with the dashi pickled onions for a full flavor effect. Kaua’i Prawns–If you like eating the shell and head of the prawns, you’ll enjoy it. Smoked Pork Belly–so soft and tender and perfect with fish sauce. I would like to have some chili pepper water with this dish! We were so full and had no room for dessert this time.

We should have ordered the appetizer sampler that I knew I love but I forgot about it. This comes with seafood of the day, agedashi tofu (or cold tofu), sashimi or poke, and sauteed eggplant. All my favorites. Another tip: The food came out really fast! So–if you’re doing izakaya style, take your time ordering because otherwise, all your plates will come out at one time! Living Hilo Style.


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