Miyo’s Combo G (for Great)

Kurt visited us in Hilo again and luckily we could get together for lunch at Miyo’s. We had reservations for 11 a.m. when they opened and were seated quickly when we got there. Our table ordered the appetizer sampler which was an awesome plate of soft-shell crab tempura, fried tofu, salmon sashimi, and sauteed eggplant. For my meal, since I had gone recently and enjoyed the saba entree last time, this time I went with Combo G which my friend Misty says stands for GREAT.

In addition to rice, miso soup, and salad, this combo comes with vegetable tempura, a choice of cold or fried tofu, and sauteed eggplant. I never make tempura at home so I like ordering this when I eat out. I LOVE their sauteed eggplant and can just eat that and rice for a meal. I am trying to eat more veggies so it is great to have a fresh green salad as a big part of lunch. The meal sounds kind of light but I had to ask for a takeout container because I couldn’t finish everything. But maybe that was because I enjoyed the appetizer and all of my friend’s sweet potato tempura. Living Hilo Style.


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