Fueling my Spirit with Friends

I love my family; I really do. Every once in a while, however, I get a little tired of the daily grind and feel the need to rejuvenate my spirit.One of the ways I rejuvenate my spirit is by spending time with friends. Having a support network is so important to my mental and emotional health.  I recently went on an overnighter with a some friends to the  Four Seasons Hualalai. What an amazing  resort.  The rooms were beautiful, the bed comfy, and the location~spectacular. We arrived at the resort checked in and had dinner at Ulu Ocean Grill. The food we ate deserves its own post and that will come soon.  One of my soccer-parent friends is the manager at Ulu Ocean Grill, and he brought Executive Chef Massimo to our table so we could see who created the magic showing up on our plates.Chuck Wilson, the manager of Ulu, is also a sommelier. His passion for wine comes through as he describes each bottle of wine, where it comes from, and its flavor profile to his guests who dine at the restaurant. We took our time waking up the next morning, strolled the grounds, and had a nice lunch at the Beach Tree restaurant before heading back to Hilo.  What a great 24 hours spent with friends.  Refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to be a mom.



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