Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant

Sunday nights are slow nights for restaurants in Hilo.img_2286After flying back from Oahu on Hawaiian Airlines on a Sunday evening, my family wanted a quick bite to eat. We decided to go to Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant since it is conveniently located at the Hilo Shopping Center, has lots of parking, and it was open on a Sunday night.

We walked in and there were lots of tables open for us. We ordered basa with black bean sauce , house fried rice, orange chicken, snow peas with garlic, tomato beef, and salt and pepper pork ribs. Everyone was happy. I thought it would be too much food for our family but it turns out that my children are at the stage where they are starting to eat a lot!  Turns out that we ordered the perfect amount of food. My daughter even had a few pieces of the salt and pepper pork ribs to take to school the next day.

Here is a link to the restaurant’s Yelp reviews. http://www.yelp.com/biz/happy-valley-seafood-restaurant-hilo


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