Oahu Eats During Soccer Weekend

I went on a weekend trip to Oahu. What did I eat?

The first night, I went to The Book of Mormon (blog post here) straight from the airport and we didn’t have time for a dinner out. We did get a snack after the show at Zippy’s on the way home. I didn’t take a picture of my small saimin.
We had an early soccer game to get to the next morning and so I picked up a Zippy’s breakfast bento #3 for me to eat at the soccer field. It is the perfect size and has corned beef hash and Portuguese sausage with scrambled egg and rice.
We had some time between games so we drove to Waikele for lunch. I ordered a bi bim kook soo from Y-kele BBQ. It was a cool, refreshing lunch on this blazing hot day at the soccer fields.

We ate dinner at Izakaya Nonbei where we could order an assortment of small, Japanese dishes for dinner. I only took photos of few of the dishes we ordered. We enjoyed the beef tataki, miso butterfish, agedashi tofu, nasu and enoki sauteed in butter, gyoza, onigiri, stamina tororo (tororo with natto, uni, ahi, and  a quail egg), tori karaage, edamame, kurobuta kakuni, king salmon nigiri, and uni nigiri. They also have a nice selection of good sake.  I especially enjoyed the Dewazakura Dewasansan sake. Everything was delicious as always! We were so full at the end.

The next day, my brother and his wife made a huge breakfast for us in the morning! We started off with a kale, apple, and mixed berry smoothie, and had kimchi sausage, bacon, and eggs made to order. Yum!   So lucky!

Later that day, we dropped my son off for his warmup before his soccer game and then headed to Waipahu. We found Arby’s in Waipahu!  Since we lost our Arby’s location in Hilo a few years ago, we decided to get our Arby’s fix today. Beef and cheddar roast beef sandwich and a baked potato FTW!

Ended the day with a win at my son’s soccer game and then headed straight to the airport to fly home to Hilo.



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