The Book of Mormon on Oahu

I love musicals! I’ve been so lucky to have seen some great musicals over the years.  The very first musical I ever saw on Broadway was when I was in the sixth grade. I went on a tour with my school to the East Coast. My parents worked so hard and scrimped and saved to allow me to have this opportunity. From that time, the travel bug bit me hard and I haven’t stopped wanting to see the world.

During that sixth grade trip, I had the chance to see Annie. It would have been at the time that Sarah Jessica Parker was performing as Annie. I wonder if she performed at the show that I saw. Since that time, some of the shows I have  seen include Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, Aida, Lion King, Elf, Wicked, Mary Poppins, Spiderman, The Addams Family, Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia!, Rent, Grease, and Memphis.

Most recently, I got to see the touring company performance of The Book of Mormon in Honolulu. I have been hearing so much about this musical that has won nine Tony Awards. I tried getting tickets for it once when I was in NYC, but the tickets were in such high demand and no tickets were available. The Book of Mormon’s visit to Oahu offered me a  great excuse to escape to Honolulu and barge in on my brother and his wife. The weekend started off on a positive note when I saw my pal Irene at the airport who coincidentally was also on her way to the show.  It was wonderful to be able to get a quick catch-up session with her.  I got to Oahu, dropped the kids off with my brother along with some picked mango that Aaron made and headed to the Blaisdell.

About the show–yes, this show is about Mormonism and how it fits in to our world but more than that, this show is about what humans want out of life from ourselves and from each other.  The show delivered this message in an irreverent, hip way with great voices and upbeat dancing.  If you have the chance to see it, go! I especially enjoyed the outstanding performance by the well-cast Elder Cunningham character.

There were friendly missionaries waiting outside the theater after the show greeting the theater goers and even taking pictures with some of us! And of course, passing out books for anyone who was interested. 



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