Kyushu–Kashima and Kagoshima


  1. lovely read about your trip to Kyushu island. I dont know much about this area so I need to look them up a bit. Nice pictures too! Sorry to hear about the damages by the recent quake.

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  2. We’re relieved to hear your Kyushu family is safe! Our hearts go out to all of those affected – and those in Ecuador, too. What a nightmare.

    Your description of this trip to your family’s home sounds delightful and so serendipitous! What a thrill for you to discover the house…maybe you should buy it!


    • Thank you for your thoughts! I’ve been to the house before–just wasn’t sure if I could find it again since the landmarks are changing over the years. And I don’t actually have an address for it. I wish I could afford to buy the house. How awesome would that be!?!?!?

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