Akaka Falls Adventure

One cloudy summer Saturday, our family decided to go on an adventure. It took us a while to decide what kind of adventure to do. We discussed several different adventure options and by the time we got moving, it was already the afternoon so we chose something easy and quick.

We drove about 11 miles out of Hilo to visit Honomu, a town I used to frequent as a child. I used to go to Honomu Hongwanji every week for Sunday School as a child. I have fond memories of time with friends at Sunday School and not thinking of it as going to church.img_3744Once we got to Honomu and turned on to Akaka Falls Road, we dropped my runner son off at the bottom of the hill and let him get some training time in by allowing him to run to the entrance to Akaka Falls State Park–all uphill.

Why did the peahen cross the road?

We saw a stray peahen crossing the road on the way to the park. It was a surprising Honomu sight for me. img_3762My son made it to the top of the hill where the state park is located. There is a parking fee or a pedestrian walk-in fee, but if you are a kamaaina, it is free with  your Hawaii State ID.img_3754It is a short walk amidst lush greenery as you head toward Kahuna Falls and the taller, very spectacular 442-foot Akaka Falls.img_3756It was a nice outdoor stop for our family while getting some training time in for our son on this slightly drizzly Saturday. I enjoyed this family time.  We have to get as much time in before our kids fly the coop and plan their own adventures. img_3761



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