Celebrating 40 Years Of Irresistible

By: Jenn K

I just turned 45. Not quite a milestone but significant when you think about how long ago 1971 was. Cigarette commercials were banned from TV, Walt Disney World opened, my parents got married, and Fran Phipps became the first woman to reach the North Pole. Those are what came to mind. Dear old Google let me know that the San Francisco 49ers lost that year’s NFC Championship to, of all teams, the Dallas Cowboys. Bleh. LOL

Carole, myself, and Terri last holiday season. Carole has been working at the Shop for 40 years!

Five years later, a young teacher named Sally Mermel got the idea to start her own business after being faced with the teachers strike. She decided on a small location for a retail store in Downtown Hilo, on Keawe Street, and name it The Most Irresistible Shop in Hilo. It would emit a friendly vibe and carry the most unique products. Even after opening a second location at Prince Kuhio Plaza, years later, it continued to provide everything irresistible.

You can choose to have a printed or emailed receipt. Ooooh!!

For years, the Shop was a favorite stop for anyone looking to purchase gifts and home decor. Not to mention a vast array of Hello Kitty items that, in my opinion, rivaled any other Sanrio distributor in the State. Such a unique and personal setting made it easy for everyone to fall in love with the place. Especially for current owner, Tracie Yoshimoto. “For forever” as she claims, Tracie has loved the Shop and everything about it. She even told Sally that if she were to ever decide to sell it, to call her first. After 37 years of running the shop, Sally did. An out-of-the-blue phone call arrived and Tracie’s secret dream of becoming the owner of The Most Irresistible Shop In Hilo came true.

Sally and Tracie!

That was three years ago and now it’s time to celebrate 40 years of the Shop’s existence.  Forty years!  Tracie has kept everything pretty much the same in terms of aesthetics and inventory, the charm that keeps locals and visitors attracted. Yet, she has slowly stepped into the modern world and recently installed a new Point of Sale system by Lightspeed. What an adventure it has been! We figured out that there are almost 4000 different items in this little space so it’s time to expand. Plans to double the space after the recent departure of The Fireplace Center makes for even more exciting adventures for everyone involved.

One of the last inventorys to be done with paper and pencil.  Hooray! 

Helping the community is important to MISH. Providing donations, selling items on consignment, and being a ticket outlet for fun events around town is just part of the hometown vibe that everyone is accustomed.

Please contact MISH if you haven’t received a postcard. 935-9644

I am lucky to be a part of this milestone birthday since I’ve been working on the inventory/POS…and so can everyone in Hilo! A MISH postcard should be arriving in customers’ mailboxes soon. Get 40% off one regular priced item (exclusions apply, ask for details), now through November 13, 2016, so you won’t want to miss out. Don’t forget to fill out your Wish List to be eligible for a special drawing.

New price labels that can be scanned. Exciting!

If you haven’t already, please stop by the Shop and say “hello”!  Mention this blog and get 20% off your entire purchase of regular priced items (exclusions apply, ask for details). Offer good from October 22 to 28, 2016.  You can also help us practice using the new barcode scanner. 😉

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