Moonstruck in December

I finally got to visit Moonstruck on  Furneaux Lane in downtown Hilo.

The shop was sweetly decorated for the holidays and I wore my fun Kaha Christmas necklace to match. My friend got me this necklace from a craft show in Hilo. This necklace with porcelain charms was handmade on Maui by Pam Peterson, an artist and teacher. According to the tag, she works in her home on the slopes of Haleakala making each piece by hand firing it four times. A percentage of all sales are donated to the Life Foundation and the American Cancer Society in Hawaii.

Back to Moonstruck Patisserie–as you walk in to this gem of a shop, you feel transported to Paris.

Moonstruck Patisserie represents the culmination of a dream fostered by Jackie Tan-DeWitt beginning over 20 years ago when she first stepped foot in a pastry kitchen in Sterling Heights, Michigan to work under the tutelage of two European pastry chefs. Since that fateful day Jackie has honed her craft working with Swiss, Lebanese, and French pastry chefs in pastry kitchens in the USA and Singapore, most recently with the Ritz-Carlton-Singapore. Moonstruck’s offerings are a reflection of that journey, picking up the best ideas and recipes along the way. In addition, many of it’s offerings are Jackie’s unique creations, such as the Soprano, which is featured below. Layers of decadent chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse, chocolate truffle, and Bailey’s Irish Cream mousse are enveloped in chocolate ganache and garnished with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shavings. 

A friend and I got together to enjoy incredible European pastries as we chatted about our children and our lives. Make a visit to Moonstruck and you’ll be struck too.img_2088You can even buy gifts or assorted sweets for your holiday parties. Living Hilo Style.

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