Simple and Healthy: Okra Natto

I enjoy eating.  I enjoy “cooking” at home. I really like finding local produce and indulging in #cleaneats.

One dish I make at home that my family (except for my non-vegetable eating child) enjoys is an okra-natto dish. Yes, we don’t mind the slime from both of these slimy foods.  In fact, we love it and I recall reading somewhere that it is quite healthy for our bodies.This is a super easy dish to make.  I found fresh okra at KTA in Hilo.  I washed and parboiled the okra.  Don’t boil it too long–you still want the crunch to be there. Rinse the okra in cold water and then chop the okra into small pieces.Put the okra in a bowl, add some natto, some katsuobushi, season with shoyu, and mix together. That’s it!  It is an easy, healthy side dish for your meal at home. Living Hilo Style.


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