Kamana Kitchen

I got to visit Kamana Kitchen in the Hilo Shopping Center with some former co-workers-turned-into-friends. We share many of the same interests and try to get together several times a year to chat and to eat.

Since my husband is not so adventurous and my son is very picky, I rarely get to eat Indian food. I looked forward to the chance to partake this evening.We started off with a vegetable samosa.  It is described on the menu as two pieces of a delicious combination of peas, potatoes, herbs and spices wrapped in a crisp pastry.  I enjoyed this dish with the dipping sauces.The garlic naan was so tasty.  If you haven’t had naan yet, it is my favorite Indian dish… it is bread.  Yummy bread.  I love bread. The menu describes it as traditional leavened bread made from a specialty flour that is hand kneaded with milk and baked in a tandoori oven. My daughter also loves naan and requested that I bring some home for her. In my quest to have something semi-healthy, I requested that we order the mixed grill tandoori dish. This was an assortment of tandoori chicken, lamb, shrimp, seekh kebab marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices.I have never had biryani before.  We ordered the lamb biryani that I really enjoyed! Biryani is a traditional aromatic rice tossed with variety of herbs and spices.The chicken tikka masala also was a hit with our group. This is described as tender pieces of boneless chicken breast marinated and roasted in the tandoor then sauteed with herbs and spices in a delicious homemade creamy sauce.A cold Taj Mahal lager was the perfect accompaniment for these delicious and slightly (since I ordered mild) spicy dishes.  Living Hilo Style.


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