Creating a Healthier Generation

by Ricky Kuntemeyer


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Diana Rudulph is a youth physical education director, holistic lifestyle specialist, and most important of all, a caring mother for her own children.

Working with the youth have always been a passion of hers as she worked as a middle school teacher. However, a new fire was lit within her to empower the next generation and improve their health when a young girl, her student, approached her expressing her bodily insecurities which led her to forcibly throwing up after every meal she ate.

She was 12 years old.

Diana wanted girls just like this one to know they were beautiful, capable, and loved just the way they were, regardless of the pressures that society put upon them. This led her to start Girls On The Move, an after-school hip-hop dance inspired health program for middle school girls with the goal to instill a passion for health and making exercise fun. Girls On The Move has helped many girls learn to love themselves, gain close friends, and inspired them to pursue sports in high school.

With the success of Girls On The Move, Diana proceeded to start Kids On The Move, a before school program for both elementary boys and girls. With childhood obesity being a rising epidemic, especially in southern California, this program’s focus is to instill lifelong healthy habits in each kid. Also, the activity before class increases the children’s’ cognitive abilities, attentiveness, and interaction during class.

Diana is continuing her to bring her passion to light by also partnering with BOKS (Build Our Kids’ Success) which, much like Kids On The Move, encourage kids to enjoy movement, exercise, and to have fun with friends.

Also a full-time professor of Physical Education at Azusa Pacific University, advocate of essential oils, and a sincerely caring individual with a heart to change the health world, this interview is one you don’t want to miss! Be sure to give it a listen to hear about all the wonderful things Diana is doing within her community and how YOU can help transform the next generation to promise a healthier tomorrow.

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