Lift For Change featuring Justin Lee

By Ricky Kuntemeyer

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Excellence is the word I would personally use to describe Justin. From excelling as a coach in multiple settings to accomplishing a 4.0 GPA in his first year a Doctorate in Physical Therapy student, Justin Lee has always strived to give his absolute best in everything he does each and every day. This ambition for excellence led him to create Lift For Change, a web series, blog, and community which promotes movement, healthy eating, and actions that will radically change your life. Justin documents his everyday workout routines, student life, and goals in order to motivate others to live a holistically more fulfilled life.

In our interview with Justin, we dive into what truly gets his motor firing to stay so consistently motivated as well as the pros and cons of different health fads, workout environment, and fitness programs. With his larger than life personality, sharp mind, and gigantic heart for people, it is only a matter of time before you see the mark that Justin is leaving on the fitness industry.

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